Laser Surgery

We are proud to be one of the very first veterinary hospital in Edmonton to offer the advantages of the laser surgery technology.

Benefits of Laser Surgery include:

  • - Faster recovery times
  • - Less bleeding
  • - Virtually painless for Feline Declaws

Surgical procesures offered include:

  • - Canine and feline spays
  • - Canine and feline neuters
  • - Lump Removals
  • - Dentristry surgeries
  • - Endoscopy Procedures
  • - Cryo Surgery
  • - Feline Declaw

When we perform a declaw surgery on a cat we ONLY use a  laser and DO NOT use a scalpel blade to complete the amputation. The laser cauterizes blood vessels and nerve endings as it cuts and greatly reduces the pain and bleeding that used to be associated with traditional declaw procedures. All declaws are required to stay only one night in clinic and can go home anytime the next day.