Please be advised that we do not assist in the breeding of any type of Crossbreed dogs and both dogs must be registered with a kennel club.

Greenbank Veterinary Services in Conjunction with ICSB has been a full service breeding facility since 1994. Dr. Greenbank was the first in the area to provide these services and is recognized worldwide for her knowledge and services provided. We love working with dog breeders.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • -OFA radiographs : without Anesthetic
  • - Heath and genetic testing
  • - Artificial insemination: vaginal, transcervical and surgical
  • - Canine semen freezing and storage
  • - Semen evaluation
  • - Ovulation timing
  • - Pregnancy diagnosis: ultrasound and digital x-ray
  • - Fresh chilled semen
  • - Semen import and export
  • - Caesarian Sections
  • - Litter examinations, vaccines, microchips and tattoos

We are available 364 days a year for your breeding needs. We offer after hour ovulation timing and surgical Implant.

***Other than pregnancy ultrasound and x-ray services, we do not provide reproductive services for felines.